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Friday, April 16, 2010

Annotated Citation - Wiki

The Library Technicians Wiki can be found at The intended audience is library technicians, library assistants and library paraprofessionals. There is a bias of information towards these groups due to the nature of the wiki. Information is easily accessible due to the navigational tabs. The scope of the information covers many aspects of the library including jobs, awards, conferences and articles. A search box is available to find information.
As the source is a wiki it should not be relied upon for authority as information could be changed by others.
Overall the wiki is a good source of information for the library sector including an excellent overview on applying for library jobs.

2010 Library Technicians viewed 17/04/10


  1. Hi Janey, I looked at this Wiki and found some of the articles really interesting. The job section was good too (especially if I lived in another state!) But it does seem like just anyone can contribute to this Wiki, doesn't it ... so you have to question how legitimate the information can be.

  2. Very thoughtful annotation, Janey and also your comments, Maria. It is useful to be aware of this wiki as it does deal with issues of importance to library technicians.I like what you ahve said about the authority, too.

  3. The majority of the Wiki doesn't seem to have been updated much from 2008 - only the new job section seems to have been kept up to date. The articles on jobs were good and I will have to try and find the book on addressing job selection criterea that she recommends.

  4. "How to address selection criteria : improving your chances of being short-listed for a job" is available from the Public Library, in fact it is on the self at the Kingston Library but I have just placed a hold on it!