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Sunday, April 18, 2010


A short video on information literacy can be found on TeacherTube at the following site:
The video provides a good introduction on information literacy and would be suitable for anyone interested in this topic. The scope covers how we find, use and evaluate information. This is the short overview of the twelve part online tutorials on improving your research skills.
The video is presented by Bob Baker who is a Library Director at Pima College which provides authority to the tutorials.
As mentioned in the video recorded information increases by 30% every year and this series helps in understanding how we assess and use information.

Baker, 2009 Information Literacy Tutorials TeacherTube viewed 19/04/10


  1. Not a bad video for being the first in a series, It gives a good introduction as well as well know quote '' Its like trying to fill a tea cup with a firehose ''. It is both authrotive and informive with good demo's and sources to help students get undway on how they should be researching instead of just relying on just basic searches.

  2. Interesting. I thought the video was a little dry, lots of talking, but also full of useful information. It would be good to show this video at the start of the Cert II or III course as an introduction for people who haven't thought much about information literacy as a concept.

  3. Thanks for the hint Ben, and the link, Janey